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For all your automatic gearbox problems
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For Automatic Gearboxes & Torque Converters    Phone: 01323 848448
Phone: 01323 848448

Automatic Gearboxes

Fully equipped  workshop facilities

With the latest diagnostics equipment  for all makes & models of vehicle.

We recondition all classic & American transmissions, Inc Packard, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, & Jaguar to name a few.

We custom build transmissions for Drag racing, Street  & Strip, & Off Road Racing applications.

We are based Sussex and recondition automatic transmissions for all makes and models of vehicles using only the highest quality parts. We have customers though out the UK and Europe. In 2005 we moved to our current location, and was also joined by Len Wright who I had worked with for many years in the past. Shortly afterwards we also employed Tom Winchester.


This gave us a small but efficient team with one goal. To provide our customers with a high standard of work and customer care  at a competitive price.

Racing Transmissions

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Cleans the entire system & replaces all the transmission fluid
Reduces the risk of costly repair bills
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Helps restore shift quality & extends the life of your transmission
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